Thursday, 10 May 2007

Aardvark 0.13.3 hits the wild!

After a couple of months of fairly intensive work, I finally got the latest release of Aardvark out the door onto our teaching server last month. Yay! Today sees the 3rd update since then, which adds a number of conveniences when creating new Nodes that might benefit people who are new to Aardvark. It also adds a bit of debugging code to diagnose a bit of occasional (but minor) strangeness that has been identified on the teaching server. Hmmm...

I think there will be a few more minor releases over the next few weeks as Aardvark is currently being used in anger by a new user for a brand new Course and it's been quite interesting getting some feedback from newbies. (Actually, I've already found a silly bug in the caching code in the Aardvark Content Manager that will be fixed tomorrow so expect 0.13.4 to appear very soon. D'oh!)

Want to find out what's new in Aardvark? Then read the release notes. If you don't know what Aardvark is, you can find out at our e-Learning site.

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