Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Blog feed at ALT-C

I am at ALT-C, along with seemingly hordes of other people from Edinburgh. There is this blog feed where people can register their blog posts and have it aggregated for people to browse.

This is proving a source of high amusement as we sit outside (in the car park, on the kerbside, sunny, cup of coffee) and have a good ol' laugh at the inanity of some of the posts. People talking about the deficiencies of the sinks in the student digs, the M1 on the way down here, safe sex simulations in Second Life. Innovators in e-learning, the lot of 'em, I am sure.....

And even me talking about people talking about it.

I should go and figure out which one of the myraid of parallel sessions I will go to next.....

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