Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Lost at (Alt-)Sea

So, Alt-C has started and immediately the actual face-to-face conversation dips to nothingness as delegates bury their heads in the huge programme of abstracts and the all-important russian-roulette timetable - which, outdoing last year, has 10 strands - great - even LESS chance of finding a session that'll give me that "Ah - that's interesting" wake up call.

As David said, there's definitely still that feeling of trying to catch up: "Argh - the digital natives are restless!" and indeed the pace of change of technology and practice threatens to thwart researchers and their findings - how can one do a comparative study of students' experience and expectation of technology over time when the web landscape of today has moved on so much over just a period of 2 years - the tools used by digital natives (and some immigrants) are adopted and discarded in almost real time. Such is the length of prepration in writing and presenting at Alt-C that by the time a talk is presented its relevance to today is somewhat diminished. Its a shame but its the way it is - conferences are just too slow and clumsy these days - so 1.0 :(


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