Friday, 8 August 2008

Announcing SnuggleTeX 1.0.0

After a few months of development and a few previews and betas, we are pleased to announce the release of SnuggleTeX 1.0.0.

So what is SnuggleTeX? Well, it's a little Java library for converting blobs of LaTeX into webby formats (namely XHTML + MathML). It was initially developed as part of our Aardvark system but has obvious applications in many other scenarios, so it seemed like a good idea to refine it into a standalone product for everyone to use if they want to.

This first release of the software can cope with a decent amount of LaTeX - certainly everything that we've used in Aardvark and everything that a novice or casual LaTeX user might expect. A few other features are planned for the 1.0.x release cycle and we're also going to sit down shortly to think about the medium to longer term plans for the project.

SnuggleTeX is open source and is available to download from We've chosen to release it under a nice and friendly BSD license.

More information and documentation on SnuggleTeX can be found at the SnuggleTeX Home Page.

Please don't hesitate to drop me an email if you'd like to discuss this further or would like more information. Enjoy!

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