Friday, 20 March 2009

ASCIIMath Plugin for Confluence

An ASCIIMath plugin initially developed for the University of Edinburgh's Confluence wiki has been made available on the official Confluence website - with the help of Andy Brook at Dolby.

This plugin allows input and display of mathematics on a Confluence wiki page and builds on original work done by Peter Jipsen and image-fallback extensions by David Lippman. Once installed, mathematics can be added inline using the {math} wiki markup - with mathematics being expressed using a calculator-like syntax or LaTeX syntax - for example, {math}x^2 +y_1 +z_12^34{math} produces .

Additional features of the plugin allow labels for equations and block-display to allow the maths to be displayed on its own, so {math:display=block| label=1.2} d/dx f(x) = lim_(h->0) (f(x+h)-f(x))/h{math} looks like (click to expand):

The plugin uses MathML where it is available in the browser you are using - e.g Firefox 1.5+, IE 6+ with MathPlayer and degrades to using images with less-capable browsers like Opera, Safari and IE without MathPlayer.

The plugin can be found at the Confluence Plugin Library. This release works with Confluence 2.8+, though an alternative version (with a simple manual install step) is also available for older Confluence versions.


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Invisible said...

This plugin is it compatible with confluence 3.5? If no is there any plan to upgrade it?

Invisible said...
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