Friday, 30 October 2009

Some slides on conversion of Mathematical Content

Last month I was involved in a very interesting one day workshop on the technical issues related to mathematical content in electronic media, organised by Jonathan Fine, Petr Sojka and myself. During the workshop, I gave a short presentation on converting mathematical content between different formats, focusing in particular on the following aspects:
  • Why do we need to convert digitised mathematics between different formats?
  • What are the most common formats out there? (E.g. LaTeX, MathML in its various guises, ...)
  • LaTeX to MathML conversion examples, demonstrating some interesting challenges (e.g. semantics)
  • Overview of some tools for converting between LaTeX and MathML
  • Conversion techniques and approaches... for geeks!
My slides for this are available to download in PowerPoint (done on Office 2008 for Mac, will look different on other platforms) and PDF form, should you be interested. Feel free to do what you like with them, so long as I get a mention somewhere!

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